29 thoughts on “Chief Cook : Life at Sea | Seaman Vlog

  1. Hi guys! I know it's been a while since my last upload but as you know, we have no internet while at sea so I could only upload when our ship is in port. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!!

  2. Very heart warming video chief. As an eto cadet waiting for sea time I'm excited to get on board but hearing from an old boy that all the sacrifices are worth it makes me feel better telling my girl that the time apart will be worth it.

  3. Hi Chief – I used to be a Radio Officer on merchant ships before I moved to the US and now I live in California. I am wondering if your ship still have R/O and if so would you please make a video of the radio room and his life…. just curious to see what have changed… thanks and love your videos !!

  4. I come on board of ships to bring their food, provisions daily, yes , Philippino s are the most friendly crew in general,., for me personally then., if I come in the evening mostly they have leftovers from the dinner and I can eat whatever there is left., I call the cook a Mayor,., but now I have heard that is maybe wrong to call a cook on board a Mayor,., I heard that in the prison they call the cook like that ????

  5. Another great video, chief! Excellent videography and documentary. Very professional. I think you can go into filmmaking after you're done with your seafaring days. Seriously.

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