Close Calls & Trolling The Lobby – Sea of Thieves Arena


Watch in 1440p! A video of our 6th Arena match where we sank for the first time, stole some chests for the lead & gave someone in the lobby many smelly fingers.

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Friends in this video 😀

Music Used
“Sneaky Snitch, Investigations & The Show Must Be Go”
By Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 License

Thanks for watching!

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33 thoughts on “Close Calls & Trolling The Lobby – Sea of Thieves Arena

  1. That's hilarious, I was just on a ship with Gaudimax right before I went to watch this video. I'm guessing the world of the Arena isn't that big.

  2. On arena there’s actually a 6th team called Mourning Prowl (it’s a black-dark purple with a half moon as its icon. When we got into a game with this team in it everyone lagged. Our boats were going upside down and “drifting” on water. It was a really dodgy server so we only stayed for about 5 mins

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