Summit Responds To Accusations of Toxicity In Sea of Thieves


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47 thoughts on “Summit Responds To Accusations of Toxicity In Sea of Thieves

  1. 12 minutes of him saying that his toxic ways are not toxic at all..its just him acting like a pirate..alot of defending for some one who is claiming is not giving a shit xd..btw he is one toxic motherfucker..

  2. A solo on a sloop approached my two man sloop, he fired at us as soon we got in range. He got boarded and sunk. The whole while he was bitching through an open mic how toxic the game was. The next sloop we were less restrained on, he said something about Article 3 of pirate code, So we shot him to death and took his meager treasure. Don't fly the Jolly Roger and sail up to unknown ships saying you are friendly kids.

  3. I don’t care what anyone says Iv always know summit to be a toxic person. Not just on sea of thieves. It’s a normal thing for him. I have to agree that the things he comes out with are not exactly polite and I think of him as a child. There’s no reason for him to talk to people like that. He doesn’t even know if he is talking to another child and having a bad influence on him but most of you will say that’s a part of life. I hate him. Always have. Yet I still see him popping up here and there so he must have fans but I will say this. This is the generation of rude, ignorant brats. You wouldn’t speak to your mother or father like this. Or to a stranger on the streets without cause. 9 times out of 10 summit has no cause but to be a troll because he is bored! What does that tell you about him! …. exactly.

    That’s why Dr Disrespect is better !!!

  4. It’s not about complaining guy, it’s more about PC getting the upper hand on Xbox. Get killed, double gunned before your even off the black screen. That’s just one example of what the complaints are about.

  5. Damn…this is what the gaming world has come to after the cod modern warfare 2-3 and cod black ops 1-2. Smh this why gaming chat needa stay no more party chat

  6. Wow I can't even call that dude a cocksucker cause at least that's a respectable art, but this dude is literally everybody who gets shit on in every game and it's everyone else's fault he's hot pc dogshit. The biggest virtue signal I've ever seen.

  7. eh, the issue is, before summit got here, no one had a vested interest in being an abhorrent cunt to everyone on the waters. Now summit not only comes and starts spreading the "no communication, just KOS everyone always even if they obviously have ZERO loot" mentality and the devs get on and support it. THATS the issue people have.. The game isn't CS:GO. Most of us came here to be casual as fuck (yes we wanna pvp, yes some people are gonna KOS always and that's fine too. It's that you don't have any moderation. The only reason you're having so much fun in this game is because the community is the way it is. You're gonna create a "KOS META" and destroy that. which is fine, but accept what you did. Having the devs play with you just shows they support your attitude toward thier game. Weather it's a tradeoff for the players you'll bring or they genuinely think everything you're doing is good for the game.

  8. Grow a set of balls and quit bitching trying to ruin other people's lives man. We live in this wanna be detective culture im tired of it.. summit1g is fine man he just has fun with it

  9. last night on stream he said (and actually agreed with their reasoning) that they weren't going to have him on because the two groups (people for, and people against sneaking onto ships and just generally focusing on PVP) are both very large and too passionate about their stance on the topic. Although they both had good intentions for the stream (discussing the issue), it's a subject that is too spicy, and they think that it's going to cause more problems than it'd solve.

  10. Lol is that guy that made the rant video serious? When i played a bunch of sea of thieves like 200 hrs+ i played with a friend and we were fucking gods. We did skullforts left and right and took down galleons with our sloop. We even sank couple of players that had like 60+ chests and sank their ship at an outpost. Did they get mad? No they didn't 2 of their crew joined us in a galleon and we went on to destroy more. Ofcourse along the way we sank many times aswell with occasional shittalking (altho it was during the fights, after the fights we were all like gg nice fight and we parted ways with the enemy that sank us and respawned to go again)

  11. I really dont care what he does in these pve Servers but this Argument 2:02 actually is so stupid. It doesnt happen to you so why should you care. Its like when some corrupt people go to Afrika and Slaughter a hole trype for the oil or whatever and you say it doesnt Effekt you why should you care.

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