Would China's South China Sea Bases Be Wiped Out In A War? Watch this Video


Would China’s South China Sea Bases Be Wiped Out In A War? Watch this Video

The islands of the SCS have some military relevance, but are more important as a political claim to waterways and undersea resources. Militarily, they represent a thin crust on China’s A2/AD system. Under certain conditions this crust could disrupt U.S. freedom of action, but it won’t be hard for the United States’ Air Force and Navy to punch through.

China has built some islands in the South China Sea. Can it protect them?

During World War II Japan found that control of islands offered some strategic advantages, but not enough to force the United States to reduce each island individually. Moreover, over time the islands became a strategic liability, as Japan struggled to keep them supplied with food, fuel and equipment. The islands of the SCS are conveniently located for China, but do they really represent an asset to China’s military? The answer is yes, but in an actual conflict the value would dwindle quickly.

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20 thoughts on “Would China's South China Sea Bases Be Wiped Out In A War? Watch this Video

  1. The China make a fake island and claimed is there stealing part of navigation and part of the Philippines sea. Someone need to blow away the fake island any country wants to join and blow away China fake island🌋🌋🌋🌋

  2. I think the Japanese said they would never be kicked off their island's in ww2..and they are lot more capable at combat than you Chinese have ever been.just try telling that to the USMC with a straight face boy😠 that's their specialty to remove your ass off anything they are ordered to…..

  3. Chinese artificial islands cannot stand a big hurricane cat 5, or artillery from nearby islands from Vietnam and the Philippines.
    China is illegally occupying other countries' land.

  4. all bullshit? when every single part of China is attacked by other country ,china will make them feel regret to be born in this world,if you dont believe, refer to the war history of China, Chinese people love peace,but we all dont fear a justice war to fight for our interests, so less talk , come on.

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